Letter from the owner

I was born in Bran and the Castle was my childhood playground. The persistent memory of this stingy pine freshness followed me in all my travels around the world. I saw my children grow here until they themselves carried this landscape in their eyes around the world. At a point in time, we all came back at our roots to give this place something back. And so it was born. With our determination to make it the only place in Bran where you can enjoy fully, sincerely and wholeheartedly this tiny and mighty place in the middle of Romania. Casa din Bran started by being inn …our hearts first. I hope it will also be inn yours. Always. Cristina Neagu

Indulge yourself into the crisp mountain air

We provide all the other elements to complete the experience of the place that’s better than home.

Our passion for Bran and its surroundings made us take on and deliver the mission to allow visitors to see what it is really about – more than the castle, more than the surrounding mountains.

It’s the place where anyone can indulge in the simple pleasures of nature, fine dining, and time well spent in a dream-like setting.

You’re here.

Now let us offer you a taste of Bran, the way it truly deserves to be experienced:

Casa din Bran – Inn Center
Accommodation in Bran

Located downtown, less than a 5-minute walk from Bran Castle, INN CENTER provides a a carefully designed space to fit any needs. There is a generous breakfast salloon where you can start the day in style. Here, each room has its own distinct personality, with decoration elements originating in classical decor epoques, so that you can truly immerse into a lavish escapade. Other Facilities: a terrace; free WiFi access in all areas; air conditioning; a flat-screen cable TV;  soundproofing; minibars; private bathrooms, a free parking lot and room service for your comfort.


Casa din Bran – Inn Cuisine
Bed & Breakfast in Bran

A short walk away from Bran Castle, this guesthouse offers lovely bright rooms with private balconies with so that you can enjoy a private piece of mountain breeze. For your comfort, here is a terrace with barbecue, to allow you to enjoy private parties with friends or romantic dinners. Free Wi-Fi is also provided, in case you really need to tune intothe reality back home (though we can almost promise you won’t feel the need to).